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car work light

car led lighting have advantages of high luminous efficiency, large luminous area, free from glare and no ghosting. It is most used as auxiliary light, installation is convenient and simple, can maximize illumination brightness and increases the range of lighting.- the led light.
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  • 20 LEDs hamburger turning lamp (E-TL-HL-0002-Y)

    1.20pcs amber SMD LEDs
    2.LAMP Dimension:140 X140 X 100m
    3.Voltage: DC 12Volt / DC 24Volt
    4.Working Temperature:-45 ~85°C
    5.Service Life:≥30000Hours
    6.Protection Grade: IP67
    7.Power: 2.5W
    8. Direction-indicator lamp
    9.Standard:(meet ECE/ADR/DOT Requirement)

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  • 3.55″High Quality Osram LED DRL Daytime running light High (E-355FDRL-2)

    1.Fog light: LED: 1pc 10W Osram LED
    2.LAMP Dimension: 90×90×82mm(H)
    3.Voltage:10-30V DC
    4.Raw Luminous Flux: FOG light 500Lm; DRL: 420Lm.
    5.Working Temperature:-45 ~55°C
    6.Service Life:≥30000Hours
    7.Color Temp :5700K
    8.Waterproof: IP66
    9.Guarantee: 3 years

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  • 40W led flood work lamps|LED spot light(E-WL-LED-40C)

    40W LED work light basic parameter
    1.HIGH POWER LED:6pcs 5W Orsam LED + 1x10W Cree LEDs
    2.LAMP Dimension:130X142X70mm
    3.Voltage:10-30V DC
    4.Luminous Flux:3180Lm
    5.Working Temperature:-40 ~50°C
    6.Service Life:≥30000Hours
    7.Color Temp :5000~6500K
    8.Waterproof: IP68
    9.Beam Type:Flood or spot beam

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  • 45W beams work led lights (E-WL-LED-00028)

    1. High power LED: 45W
    2.LAMP Dimension: 105x124x73.5mm
    3.Voltage: 10V-30V
    4.Luminous Flux: 2070LM
    5.Working Temperature:-40 ~50°C
    6.Service Life:≥30000Hours
    7.Color Temp :5000~6500K
    8.Waterproof: IP68
    9.Beam Type:Flood or spot beam
    10.Standard: CE
    11.Beam Type:Flood beam

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  • 9W led work lamp for jeep (E-WL-LED-9W)

    1. Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
    2. Waterproof rate: IP 67
    3. Optional Color: Black,White
    4. Color Temperature: 6000K
    5. Material:Diecast aluminum housing
    6. Lens material:PC
    7. Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
    8. Opitonal Beam: 90 degree
    9. 30000 hours above life time
    10. Certificates:CE、 RoHs、 IP67

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  • led stop tail lights|truck led tail lights(E-SQ100-ST)

    2.LAMP Dimension:100mmx100mmx33mm
    3.Voltage: DC 12Volt / DC 24Volt
    4.Working Temperature:-30 ~65°C
    6, Stop/ Tail lamp
    7.Standard:DOT/SAE(meet ECE/ADR/DOT Requirement)

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  • led truck headlights|6×4 inch led headlight for truck(E-HDL-64S03)

    1.LED: 5pcs 5W Osram LEDs +1 pc Cree 36W LED
    2.LAMP Dimension: 167mm(L)×107mm(W) ×87mm(H)
    3.Voltage:10-30V DC
    4.Raw Luminous Flux: Low beam 2500Lm; High beam 1800Lm.
    5, High beam input current: 1.9A(@12V); 0.95A(@24V)
    6, Low beam input current: 2.17A(@12V); 1.09A(@24V)
    6.Working Temperature:-45 ~ +85°C
    7.Service Life:≥30000Hours
    8.Color Temp :5500~6000K
    9.Waterproof: IP66
    10.Guarantee: 3 years

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  • stop/tail lights led|bright led reverse lights(E-R122-STR)

    1.16PCS Red +12PCS White SMD LED
    2.LAMP Dimension:122mm X122mm X 50m
    3.Input voltage:12V OR 24V
    4.Working Temperature:-30 ~65°C
    6.Stop/ Tail, Reversing lamp
    7.Standard: (meet ECE/ADR/DOT Requirement)

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