ETHER was postulated substance that carries light in the universe. Ether Photoelectric Ltd has been committed to R&D, manufacturing and exporting state-of-the-art LED Automotive / Vehicle Lamps & lighting solutions since 2005. Ether’S production line covers automotive headlights, work lights, signal lights, warning lights, and light bars, etc.

Numerous successful ODM/OEM projects (including R&D, design and production) were achieved by ETHER for world famous brands from EU, US, Japan, and Australia on long term strategic partnership. 
APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) has been imported during R&D of each product. Thanks to Powerful R&D team of engineers respectively specialized in Electronics, Optics, Mechanics, production process, etc.

ETHER Approvals & Standards
All of ETHER’s products have been designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of automotive lighting industry, such as DOT, SAE, ECE, CCC, R10, CISPR 25 etc, d on the ISO 9001:2008. ETHER’s 7” Headlight was the first to be DOT approved from Chinese mainland. 
DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) have been carried out during the R&D and production stages.So that both tailored design and mass production are satisfied for ETHER’s strategic partners, distributors, agents, as well as OE vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

ETHER Service & Support
Premium services and life-long support are provided in addition to contracted warranty, in terms of upgrading, new tooling, ODM support, etc. 
Ether products & services have been well accepted by customers from over 50 countries and regions, such as UK, Japan, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, USA, etc.

Market Strategy
The core of ETHER’s market strategy is about Contract Spirit and Sharing, from which ETHER’s high quality products, technologies and innovation are derived 
For many ODM & OEM cases, many specific product models only sold via specific channels of specific partners, distributors, agents. This is simply what we mean by Contract Spirit. 
By sharing, ETHER’s market achievements have been regularly shared with our partners, customers and employees. ETHER tends to provide butler-like services to our customers. ETHER is the ODM factory that you can trust from Chinese mainland.

ETHER PHOTOELECTRIC LTD, Your Most Reliable Strategic Partner
For R&D and Production of Automotive Lighting Solutions


1880s: The first headlamps are introduced, fueled by acetylene or oil. Acetylene lamps were much more resistant to wind and rain, but they were far from infallible out in the elements. Delivering a steady supply of fuel to the lamps was also difficult.


1898: The Electric Vehicle Company of Hartford, Connecticut, introduces the first electric headlights on its Columbia model as an optional accessory. More electric headlights followed, but were limited by the short lifespan of the filaments inside the bulbs.


1917: Cadillac engineers a lever inside the car that can control the transition between high and low beams. Before then, you had to get out of the car and “dip” the lights manually.


1940: U.S. law requires all cars to come equipped with two 7-inch round sealed beam headlamps, which stymied further innovation in the technology for some time.


1962: The first halogen bulbs are used in Europe for cars, but prevented from entering U.S. manufacturing until 1979 because of the standardized regulations.


1991: The BMW 7 series introduces the first high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps, which provide even stronger beams than halogen.


2004: Light-emitting diode (LED) headlights first hit the market with the Audi A8 W12, followed by the 2007 Lexus LS 600h.


In 2005, ETHER PHOTOELECTRIC LTD was founded.


In 2008, First workshop erected


In 2010, ISO was certificated


In 2012, ETHER acquired its first DOT approvals for 7” and 4X6” headlights, also the very first DOT of its kind in this industry of Chinese mainland. ETHER got the first SAE, ECE approvals this year.


In 2014, ETHER’s quality rate reached over 99.98%, which is way higher than most competitors in this industry.


In 2016, exterior Heavy Duty combination head lights with de-icing function were introduced, making ETHER one of the 10 companies worldwide to do so.


In 2017, ETHER was certified as High-Tech enterprise by Guangzhou Municipal Government.


In 2018, 9 MMALs (Mixed Model Assembly Lines) were imported.  Workshop expanded. Daily Delivery of LED Work Lamps exceeded over 3000 pcs/day.


In 2019, over 30 models of new auto lights were introduced into market; more patents applied; ETHER’s auto lighting products have been well accepted in over 50 countries & regions. ETHER’s products win confidence from many famous brands and OE vehicle customers.